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fit to you, not for you to fit into

Why choose a custom bra?


Your body is unique. Why settle for something mass produced and built for averages?

Earth friendly

Our bras last longer, are earth friendly, and you can send them back when you’re done.

Made in Canada

Made in New Brunswick by women earning a living wage.

What our clients say

What does it feel like to have a custom made bra?

I've had Abby make me two different bras now. The first one I loved so much that I stopped wearing my store bought bras. The second one my husband bought for me, because he noticed I only ever wore one bra, and he thought maybe I should be able to wash it!

Joy G.St. Stephen, NB

I was a "pick it off the rack, don't spend any money on something nobody sees" type. Well, I was proven wrong! The entire process of consult, measurements and fittings was quick and painless! I love my Queen of Cups bra! I've never had a bra that was so comfortable and fit so perfectly! There is a difference!

Mary F.St. Stephen, NB

I've been "fitted" at lingerie stores before but never found a bra that felt so perfect until now. Abby is awesome. No need to feel awkward or shy, she explains the process before hand so you know what to expect. Customer for life!

Penny S.Fredericton, NB

At the end of the [Bra Making 101] Class I had a professional looking ready to wear bra! I was amazed at how great it turned out. And Abby was an awesome teacher. The fitting she does was great - the pattern is truly made for me. Would recommend this course or getting a custom bra!

Lori Mofford

I am beyond thrilled with my new bra. The [Bra Making 101] class was so informative and gave me 100% confidence that I can make my own bras now. Abby goes above and beyond to make sure your bra fits perfectly. I will never buy a store bought bra again.

Sher Donnelly

I took the first bra making class and am extremely happy I did! It's well structured and there are great notes provided to help in future bra making. I definitely recommend Abby's services!

Emily McCumber

Ladies you have got to get yourself some custom made bras by this amazing girl! My sister in law just got some made and they are amazing. Wish I lived closer.

Erika Creally White

Our Work

Beautifully designed and hand crafted

Our Work

Beautifully designed and hand crafted


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