Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom-built bra cost?

Short answer: It depends.

Medium answer: Our prices begin at $230 plus HST for bras.

Long answer: The price of a custom-built bra depends on your physical and stylistic requirements. Like most custom bra makers, Queen of Cups works on a grid-based pricing system. We start with a basic style and (high-quality) fabric choice, and prices increase incrementally based on style and material changes.

We strongly recommend that your first order is for the more basic; once the fit is perfected, we can then build you a more elaborate bra!

How long will it take to have a bra made?

It generally takes 4 to 8 weeks from the initial consultation until your bra will be ready for you, depending on our current demand and shipping times.

Do you offer courses in bra making?

Yes, we do! Please contact us if you are interested in learning to make your own bras.

Do you only make bras for larger cup sizes?

No – we make custom bras for any person who wants to have one, regardless of size or gender. If we can meet your needs, we will build it! Contrary to popular belief, it is not only large-chested women who have difficulty finding a bra that fits.

What styles of bras do you make?

We currently make seamed cups, lined and unlined bras, in several styles. Visit our Products and Pricing page for more details. We also make sports bras, bralettes, and nursing/maternity bras. Please contact us for more information.

Do you make seamless bras?

Generally, no. Seamless bras require expensive machinery to make molded cups. We do make cut and sew foam bras, lined bras, and smooth style bras if you are concerned about the visibility of seams or nipples. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our seamed bras, which will fit you better and provide more shape and style options than seamless bras.

How do I book a fitting?

It’s easy! You can book an appointment through our site or you can contact us by email, telephone, or through our social media pages.

I live quite far away. Can I order a bra?

Yes you can!

We offer virtual fitting consultations to people across North America. You can learn more about the steps in our blog post.

I’m nervous about removing my clothing during the fitting process. Can’t you just measure with my clothing on?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: We are building a garment that needs to be fitted directly to your body and rests directly on your skin. It will be impossible to achieve a good fit through layers of clothing.

Your fittings will be done in private and with discretion, compassion and without judgement. Our bodies are all different.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can make cash, credit card, or e-transfer payments.

Whoa! Why are your bras so expensive?

You’re comparing a custom-made product to a mass-produced, ready to wear product, and that isn’t a fair comparison. Custom bra and lingerie makers are some of the most knowledgeable and highly respected professionals in the fashion industry. The knowledge and skill required to not only create a bra, but to custom-fit it to an individual, is not commonly held. Bras are highly engineered garments that need to be made from good quality materials in order to last.

Did you know that every single bra in the world is made by hand? Somewhere, someone sewed every stitch of the bra you are wearing. It usually takes a bra company six months or more to design, test, and draft a pattern. Then, think about the cost of materials. Think about how long it takes to construct a garment – even in a large industrial factory, it is going to take several hours of labour.

Now look at your price tag. If your bra is under $40, do you think the labourers who sewed it are earning a living wage? Do you think the fabrics and materials were ethically sourced?

Our bras are custom made for each individual person that makes an order. You will never get that service from a ready-to-wear bra.
The bras are made right here in St. Stephen, and labour is charged at a living wage – which is still much lower than the skill set should be paid.
We source beautiful, high-quality materials for you so that your bra lasts as long as it can.

Our bras are not expensive – they are a bargain!

Why do your classes cost so much?

What are you comparing the price of our classes to that makes you think they are expensive?

  1. Bra making is not a common skill. It requires a lot of training and practice, patience and time. You’re paying for your instructor’s knowledge, skill and time, all of which she’s agreed to share with you. This is how she makes a living, and we pay our instructors a living wage that is based on their experience and skills. “Women’s” skills have and continue to be incredibly underpaid and undervalued in our society – we value them.
  2. The materials used in Queen of Cups Lingerie products are high quality from reputable sources, to make sure your bra lasts as long as possible. The costs of the fabrics and laces ranges between $25 and $64 a metre, and there are a minimum of 20 pieces of different materials that go into making an underwire bra – all included in your course price.
  3. Custom fit! You’re not only learning the complex skills and assembly of bra making, you’re receiving a bra pattern that is fitted to your body. You can take that pattern and make yourself great fitting bras, over and over again. Our prices are consistent with bra makers around the world offering a similar service – in fact, we’re one of the best value.
  4. Additional materials and instruction – in each class you’re provided with step by step additional instructions both in person and in a written handbook. The instructor is there step by step to help you with the construction, troubleshooting, and questions.

Our classes aren’t expensive – they are great value for money. See the testimonials and reviews on our Facebook page to hear from our past students.

Why do I need to pay a deposit for a consultation?

You’re paying for the knowledge, skill and time of the bra maker. Even if, after your consultation, you choose not to order a custom bra, you will be leaving with a wealth of information that will help you buy much better ready-to-wear bras. For customers booking a virtual consultation, the deposit covers the initial shipping fees to provide you with a fitting kit.

Why do I need to pay for my bra before it arrives?

It is the same as placing an order for any item in an online store. If you buy an item online, you need to pay up front before it is delivered to you. The bra that your bra maker is building cannot be resold to another person if you change your mind – it is made specially for you. Your bra maker needs to ensure that she is going to be compensated for the work she completes. Please read our policies page before you make your appointment.