Friday update – Grand Opening details and panty classes!

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white floral lace custom fit bra

It’s Fri-yay as we call it around here, and normally we’d be doing a FB live video to tell you all this. However, Abby happens to be driving in a car when this post goes live, so she can’t video without seriously endangering the lives of others. And we frown upon that. So we wrote this little post to tide you over and help you fill out your calendar for the upcoming month. 

Grand opening of Queen of Cups Studio

In last week’s FB live, I mentioned we are having a grand opening. Well, I mentioned it, and then got distracted by cake. Mmm, cake. But seriously, there will be cake. 

What are we planning for the grand opening? 

Well, first of all, we’ll be there with the door open, so you’ll be able to come in, see our studio, and see examples of our work. 

You’ll be able to talk with us about what we do, book an appointment, or book yourself into one of our sewing classes. 

You’ll also be able to view and purchase some amazing artwork by Moriah Petch, or scoop up a handknitted toque from the Gypsy’s Attic. 

We will also have a number of our samples on display and for sale at a discounted rate. Our samples are bras that were made for clients but had an issue with fit, so we needed to make them another one. These bras haven’t been worn, so it’s your chance, if one fits you, to try out our product. 


We’re happy to team up with our friend Britney at Crema Cakes for a cake worthy of celebrating, all on its own. We may even have some bubbly to accompany it!

We’re planning a few more things that we’ll tell you about as we get closer to the date! 

New Panty Making Class too!

If you want to start making your own clothes, panties are actually a great place to start. There are lots of amazing patterns out there, they are pretty simple to make, and it doesn’t take much time at all once you’ve got the pattern and technique down. 

We’re pleased to be offering a one-day workshop the weekend following our grand opening, and I’d love to see you there! You can sign up on our website. 

Enjoy your Friday, and your extra day in February!

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