Bra Making

Tailor made bras from the Queen of Cups

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Bras tailor made for you, your body, and your life

The Queen of Cups Lingerie is here to help you by building a supportive, high quality, beautiful, tailor made bra fit exactly to you and your lifestyle.

tailor made bra with lace being sewn on a machine

A tailor made bra under construction by the Queen of Cups.

Learn more about Why the Queen of Cups makes bras, what the process is, and why you deserve bras that fit, flatter and support you.

We are located in beautiful St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada – the middle of everywhere! St. Stephen is the gateway to Atlantic Canada, on the border of Calais, Maine. Only 2.5 hours from Bangor, 1.5 hours from Fredericton, 1 hour from Saint John, and 20 minutes from St. Andrews by the Sea, we’re the perfect place to come visit, buy some chocolate from Canada’s oldest chocolatier, watch the Bay of Fundy tides and have a bra made just for you!

We’re just getting started and will be opening to bookings soon. Watch this space and our Facebook page to learn when you can book your audience with the Queen of Cups!

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