The Process of Building your Custom Bra

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward the comfort and freedom of a bra that fits you! This page describes the process of how we will build your bra, what you can expect from your bra maker, and what your bra maker expects from you.

Please note: All fittings are currently being held virtually. 

Your journey to a great fitting bra generally consists of three steps: an initial consultation and fitting, a second fitting, and the final delivery.

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Book an online consultation

You've decided to order a bra that is fit for your body, not for you to fit into - great! The first step is to place your order and book your online consultation. Once you've paid the consultation fee, you'll receive a link to an online form that will help us prepare your fitting kit and mail it to you.
The online consult will take approximately 30-45 minutes and it is important that it isn’t rushed. A consultation booking costs $50, which will be applied to the cost of your bra order.

Your bra maker will speak with you at length about what your issues are with your bras, your frustrations, and the features your ideal bra would have. She will also discuss with you your budget and provide you with costs on the type of bra you are ordering. Together, you will identify the features to include, fabrics, and other details and complete a form so that these expectations are clear.

You’ll then go through the fitting process. You will receive a visual guide, as well as verbal guidance during the consultation. Please note, you’re going to have to remove your top and bra in order to be properly fitted.

After this consultation, you receive an invoice for the cost of the bra by email. Once payment is received, construction of your bra will begin.


Trying on your bra

Your bra maker will build a bra for you based on the fitting information and your requested features from the first consultation. Once it's ready, it will be mailed to you for you to try on. If it fits, great! Tell all your friends, leave us a review, and enjoy wearing your bra. If it doesn't quite fit (and this is common, don't worry) you can book another online consultation (no additional cost.) This session is generally 15 minutes or less, but block off 30 minutes to avoid rushing! You will try on the bra and your bra maker will assess the fit and note any adjustments that need to be made. Use the return slip to mail the bra back.

Please note that adjustments do NOT include adding new features or customizations not already identified in the first fitting on your order form. If you’d like other features or customizations, the price will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Note: If there are a significant number of alterations needed, or significant style changes, you may require another fitting before the final product is made. This applies particularly to complicated designs or more complex fitting needs.


The Big Reveal! Your Custom Bra

The day has arrived – your bra is ready! You'll receive an email letting you know your bra is on the way. Once it arrives, try it on and test it out!

Your bra maker will be happy to discuss another order, a different style, or any other needs you may have with you.